Event: Refers to the event for which Divy Events has been engaged by the client (referred to as "You") to plan and organize.

Event Date:

Signifies the date of the Event.

Event Manager/Planner:
Denotes Divy Events, the event management company responsible for planning and organizing the Event.

Describes the fees agreed upon between Divy Events and You, as detailed in the relevant quotation.

You/Your Company:

Represents the client engaging Divy Events for the Event.

Terms & Conditions:

Terms of Payment:
The fees will be determined as outlined in the corresponding quotation.
A 50% payment is needed to secure the dates for Divy Events, and the remaining 50% must be settled no later than 30 days before the scheduled event.
You can choose to settle the payment using cash, a cheque, or by making a deposit into the Divy Events account.
A 10% charge on the total billing will apply to returned cheques.
Divy Events reserves the right to charge 2% interest per month for delayed payments.


If the event is canceled within 7 working days before the scheduled date, full payment of fees is mandatory.
If a significant portion of the event is canceled without a suitable replacement being offered to Divy Events, the 50% deposit will be deemed non-refundable.

Service Area:
The quoted prices are applicable for setup within the specified service area unless stated otherwise.
Changes to the service area may result in a revision of price and/or proposal.

Divy Events retains the right to terminate services if there is a failure to fulfill any specified Terms & Conditions.
Failing to adhere may lead to a financial claim corresponding to the order's value.

Additional Fee:
The request for last-minute venue/ceremony arrangements will incur an additional negotiated fee.
Both parties will engage in sincere negotiations to establish an equitable and justified fee.

Changes to Event Details require prior communication with Divy Events.
Expenses related to non-refundable and non-transferable deposits and fees due to changes are the client's responsibility. Unavailability of Divy Events due to changes releases them from contract obligations.


You authorize Divy Events to utilize images and videos for promotional purposes.
No compensation is expected for the use of such media.

Positive cooperation and communication are essential for optimal results.
Divy Events is not liable for the acts or omissions of key individuals during the Event.

Venue Guidelines:
Divy Events is limited by venue guidelines.
Acceptance of venue guidelines is expected from You.

Loan Items:
Divy Events retains ownership of loaned items.
You bear responsibility for any loss or damage incurred by items that have been loaned to you.
Failure to reimburse for damaged/lost items within 7 days results in forfeiting the security deposit.

Payments and Consents:

You are responsible for necessary payments and obtaining clearances/consents.
You are responsible for arranging basic amenities, tentage, dressing rooms, security, and other necessary provisions.

Limit of Liability:

Divy Events cannot be held responsible for any failure to perform due to unexpected events beyond our control.
No liability for compensation or damages for injuries, disputes, damages, or deaths related to the Event.

Weather Contingency:
The expense for weather-related contingencies is not part of the included costs.
Additional fees for delays due to circumstances beyond Divy Events' control.

Divy Events cannot unconditionally guarantee Event outcomes.
Substitution of vendors may occur if necessary.


You shall indemnify Divy Events against any claims arising from non-compliance or acts of guests during the Event.

Final Decision:
Final decisions regarding vendors and services rest with You.
Agreement to terms is assumed upon job execution.

Governing Law:

These terms are regulated by Indian laws, and both parties consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in India.